Do you love meeting new people?

I sure hope so! Otherwise, what are you doing in this line of work? Ok... the truth is, as much as I LOVE clicking with a new person, sometimes it is difficult to meet new people. The truth is, I have had some uncomfortable conversations over the years when there just wasn't a click... 

In fact, once, when I finally got to speak to one of the study material creators over the phone I got so frustrated I felt like yelling- "I'm trying to refer people to you!" I wasn't asking for a kickback, or cross referrals- I just wanted to know and undertand where they were coming from better! The tone was SO uncomfortable, I felt icky when I got off the phone. 

It is conversations like that that can keep you (and me) isolated, disconnected and feeling stuck! Before the holidays (man it has been busy), I got to speak to someone where we just clicked- and it was awesome! After the phone call I felt energized and excited, and a renewed hope for the intern and associate community! I've got some cool stuff in the works right now with a great lady who is ready to shake some stuff up and who shares some values with me in terms of the needs of MFT interns, MFT Trainees, and ACSWs! Woohoo! 

I hope today you step outside of your comfort zone and plan a coffee or a chat with a colleague you don't know very well and see if there is a click! No click? No problem! Just keep swimming... just keep swimming! 

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