Can I count my process notes towards my hours?

Question from a MFT Trainee in California: 

I noticed in the forum, that you were answering a question from another member of CAMFT that you stated you cannot add to the BBS form doing process notes.  Is this true today?  I am wondering because as a trainee, I am doing such a thing and don't want to do it wrong.  I was also wondering, if you CANNOT add process notes on the BBS summary of hours form, can a trainee (such as myself) add the additional hours utilized in the organization I am at while I am NOT working face-to-face with my clients?  In other words, what do I do with the additional hours I am working, while NOT working with clients?  Please advise and any information will be greatly appreciated, as now I am confused.  Thanks a bunch!  :-}


That post was from some time ago. Trainees can list process notes while tracking hours as of over a year ago. You can also talk to your clinical supervisor about tracking "client advocacy hours." These are hours you spend searching for referrals, advocating with other professionals, etc. They aren't face to face hours- but they are client centered. Supervisors have some flexibility on how they interpret the client advocacy hours. There are maximums to both process notes and client advocacy hours. 

Rules for this process will continue to change over the years that you gather your hours. It is great to learn to start navigating now. I know a lot of clinical supervisors and well meaning folks who just use their memory to advise people. If they aren't keeping up with the BBS website- it is easy to give wrong information. 

This is another reason why I LOVE the service. It is so easy to track all of your hours and it shows you exactly what counts, minimums, maximums, ratios, etc. When it comes time to print out your paperwork for submitting for exams- it is SUPER easy to print out. Howard, the developer of the program is a MFT Intern himself and has a great relationship with the BBS. He really ensures that his program fully reflects the needs of the BBS. 

Hope that helps!