How To Pass Licensing Exams: Step 1- Get Information

The most frustrating part of taking licensing exams as a prelicensed Marriage and Family Therapist is not having the information you need. Sometimes, it may even feel like those who have taken the exam are part of a secret club, and that there are forces at work trying to keep you out of that club. 

The specific questions you will encounter on exams are not meant to be broadcast to the world. However, licensing boards WANT to make sure you are prepared with the information you need to have to keep client's safe, use sound judgment, and do good clinical work. It is in their best interest to share some information with you! 

Here are just a few places where you can find information about licensing exams. The earlier you understand what is on your exam, the sooner you can begin preparing for your exam. 

Studying for the California written exam or written clinical vignette exam? They provide booklets that tell you ALL of the topics that are fair game for the exam. Be sure to scroll all the way to be the back of the following booklets and review the knowledge section:

Are you getting ready to take the National Exam for your Marriage and Family Therapist License? The National board also provides a wonderful list of all of the material that can be covered on the exam: 

Knowing is half of the battle! Be sure to review these lists. When you find information you don't know- don't put yourself down- be EXCITED! Finding new information to learn now means you won't be surprised on test day! 

Happy studying! 

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