Private Practice Marketing

I just have to say- there is SO much to learn about marketing! I help and coach other prelicensed, newly licensed, and "mature" therapists all the time. When I talk to other therapists I usually feel so knowledgeable about the process of marketing a private practice, especially when it comes to internet marketing.

I under search engine optimization (SEO), the power of the niche and specialization, how to write compelling copy, how to get my page up in the ranks, and ways to easily track the success of my website. I have built several successful websites from the ground up. And yet, at the end of the day- there is so much more to learn!

I have been working with my own coach to take everything that I have been working on and take it to the next level. I know it sounds silly, but I am AMAZED at how much I am learning in this process, and how quickly I can take it in.

It is silly, because I see this happen with my coaching clients all the time. I wanted to share a couple of quick tips to help  you step up your private practice marketing as a prelicensed person:

  • Get a fresh set of eyes. After a while, your work will start to blend into itself. A fresh set of eyes is invaluable. If you can't afford a coach, at least have someone who is NOT a therapist but VERY honest give you some specific feedback, and not just on the homepage.
  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing often. Check out your searchability often, and not with your name! If you are trying to find out if prospective clients can find you, search by the service they would search by, like: counseling modesto. 
  • Be aware of what terms clients will use to look for services, it probably isn't "psychotherapy" if you are in a small town!
  • Be aware of your online persona. I know I just said not to Google your name, but for this one, you can. See what comes up, and take charge of your online presence. Don't just focus on not having anything "bad" or private come up. Focus on having things come up that will positively impact you, things you have control over: Twitter, LinkedIn, Professional Articles, Professional Blogs, etc. 
  • Put the time in early. As a prelicensed person you can start developing skills and a presence now. There is no reason to wait until you are licensed.

Hope these tips help you to spend a bit of time on your prelicensed private practice marketing efforts today! Looking for some help with marketing? Check out blog postings, or drop me a line at helps MFT Interns, MFT Applicants, newly licensed, and established therapists to learn how to create an internet presence and connect with clients!