Networking: Places to go, People to See

So you might be wondering where to even start practicing your new networking skills. Beyond your workplace, here is a list of places where you might start:

1. Get out that old personal phonebook, or contact your old graduate program. Give people a call, update contact information, and give them your new contact information. These are great people to practice your networking skills with, because you have a previous relationship to build on.

2. Local CAMFT, AAMFT, or NASW chapter meetings. Are you a ACSW that has an active CAMFT chapter, or a MFTI with an active NASW chapter? Don't be shy! You can usually join up.

3. Use therapist locators in your area to locate professionals in your area who have the kind of practice you want to have and give them a call.

4. Host or co-host a networking event. Speed networking works really well and you can also put together a directory from the people who attend. If you are the co-host and/or helping organize it, you will have ample opportunity to meet with people.

5. Use that resource list you share with clients! You work with them all the time, gather more information about the resources, build relationships, and network all at the same time!

6. Make a list of people who you have in your personal network that might can be contacts. Look to a faith establishment (church, synogogue, mosque, etc), small groups you are or have been involved in, services you have used, and other places for connections.

There may be many other places in your life to network. Keep your eyes and ears open in the next month for networing opportunities. Keep a running list in a safe place (like a Word document). Found a really great place to network and want to share your knowledge. Send me an e-mail at