Are you studying for licensure exams to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker? 

I used to provide exam coaching for people studying for exams in California. And then, guess what, somebody else started providing help and coaching. And you know what? She was amazing, awesome, and everything that I felt like was missing from many of the established test prep exam companies. 

I still house an awesome free online study group on Facebook for MFT Exams, LCSW Exams, LPC Exams, and other National and state-specific exams like California- I don't do coaching any longer. Join the free online study group today.

You can also get great coaching and study materials from Amanda Rowan and the Therapist Development Center. I don't have any affiliate relationship with her- I just think she is awesome and does amazing work. She did give me a coupon code MFTGuide that allows you to save $30! Super cool! And, I know from running a free online study group that her material remains up-to-date, relevant, and instrumental in preparing people for passing exams. 

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