I've been the confused pre-licensed therapist

I have struggled to get my questions answered. I've had well meaning clinical supervisors admit that they didn't know the answers and weren't sure where to get them. So, I've made it my mission to make sure pre-licensed therapists- MFT, LCSW, LPC, MHC, whatever- can get support! 

Here are a few free resources for pre-licensed therapists: 

1. Free 50 tips download of 50 things you can do while you are pre-licensed to become more successful. 

2. Invite to a free online study group to help you prepare and pass your licensing exams. 

3. Free podcasts like "What I wish I knew as an intern" and "Job Interviewing 101 for Therapists" delivered to the newsletter subscribers. 

If this sounds like what you need, click below to get started!