Free training for Psychology students

I always LOVE finding new free resources for pre-licensed therapists, especially graduate students. Your career does NOT start after licensure. It starts right now, this moment, even as you are getting educated. 

Good Therapy has a free student level membership that gives you access to free recordings of trainings given by industry leaders. How cool is that? 

So, today, if you are a current student, I want you to take these steps: 

#1. Go and grab your free GoodTherapy student membership

#2. Schedule time at least once per month to take an online training. Schedule it as if it was a LIVE training. keep that time sacred. 

#3. As you take that training, post about what you learn on social media on your personal or professional accounts. Have a little fun on twitter, Facebook, reddit, whatever you are already engaging on. 

#4. include the training on your resume or curriculum vitae, and add it to your LinkedIn profile. 

#5. Love the training? Consider giving a shout to the presenter and Good Therapy on Twitter and follow them both. You might just make some great connections and meet some awesome people! 

#6. Share this post with your colleagues. And yes, I mean colleagues. They may seem like classmates today, but they will by your colleagues soon enough! 

Develop yourself as someone who is passionate about learning more about your craft today. And, as you take each of these trainings, use it to improve your online reputation. Later, as you are looking for positions, you will already have started to develop your professional network, which will make the process of getting a job, and starting a private practice easier and more fruitful!