Pre-Licensed Private Practice: Going Paperless

Are you a supervisor hiring interns in private practice? 
Or an intern in private practice? 
Or an intern who wants to land a private practice internship? 

Awesome! I LOVE working with interns in private practice internships. Why? Because I love seeing interns who are working on the full suite of skills that they will need to run their own private practice someday. Unfortunately, the clinical aspects of a private practice are often overshadowed by the business aspects: 

  • How to market your private practice.
  • How to get full fee clients. 
  • How do I set your fee. 
  • How to negotiate sliding scale clients (and when to avoid them). 
  • How to track the financial side of the practice. 

I work with a lot of licensed therapists in private practice over at and many of them are finding that "going paperless" isn't just about getting rid of paper files. A practice management system can start to develop some automation in not just sending clients appointment reminders, but also in putting together your financial picture. 

A good practice management system allows you to see how much income you have outstanding, how much money you made this month, makes it easy to print off receipts for clients, and so much more.

What does this have to do with pre-licensed private practice? 

Supervisors are finding empowering their supervisees with a practice management system is letting both the supervisor and the supervisee get the business side of the intern's private practice experience on target! There are a few programs that are set-up for allowing interns.

One of our favorite programs just released not just an update to make it all kosher and legal for interns to use the program, but they are offering an ah-mazing discount! How cool is that?

Why? Because the developer of Simple Practice the therapist paperless office is also the original creator of TrackYourHours. He has a passion for pre-licensed MFTs, LCSWs, Psychologists, and Licensed Professional Counselors- and it comes out in everything he does!

Their program is designed with California MFT Interns and Associate Clinical Social Workers in mind. These individuals are not allowed to practice independently and must be employees in order to practice therapy prior to licensure. Outside of California? You may qualify, here is link to an article that describes who qualifies for the discount. In short: 

"If you do not have your professional license, are not able to collect money directly from your clients and are required to work under the guidance and supervision of a licensed clinician, then you most likely qualify for our discounted rate." 

I know is some states, although you are required to get supervision, you are allowed to practice independently prior to licensure. Independent practice does not qualify for this discount. 

Check out the amazing special offer he is making just for pre-licensed professionals