MFT websites for pre-licensed therapists

Did you know that a lot of established therapists feel a bit jealous of the next generation of therapists? Seriously. They are jealous of how many more options you have for marketing your practice. They are hopeful that you will have or develop the skills to have a great online presence and reach clients who need you. 

How cool is that? While some of you MFT Interns and ACSWs are "digital natives" many of you are coming to psychotherapy as a second (or fifth career). You decided to give yourself permission to do what you are have always dreamed of doing in your deep down heart. 

However you have gotten here, be happy! Be inspired! Be joyful. You have a wonderful journey of growth and passionate work ahead of you! So, here are a few tips for developing a website as a Marriage and Family Therapists, MFT:  

  1. Learn about how great therapy websites work. Whether you have any technology background at all- a business website is a bit more complex than a regular website.
  2. If you aren't in private practice yet, start a website anyway. Start letting google get to know you, and start building an online reputation- even if you have no services to offer yet. Just start the process of sharing expertise. 
  3. Start to develop an expertise or passion you feel comfortable sharing. You don't have to be the all-knowing guru to have something amazing to share! 
  4. Get over your fear of sharing your passion. Your clients deserve a fearless therapist! Ok, well maybe not fearless- but let your passion for connection overshadow your fear of judgment from others! 
  5. Start learning private practice marketing skills now. The sooner you learn them, the more clients you will be able to help! 

Side note: I have wonderful clients who send me notes when I miss typos on my private practice website. They are still happy to work with me and are comfortable that I'm not going to be teaching English anytime soon! 

Don't think you are tech savvy enough to build your own website or blog as a therapist? You are! Seriously. It is easier than you think to get started! 

Click here or on the pretty picture below to get started! Also, know that your clinical supervisors might like this free course too! So, share away!