Pre-Licensed Job Market & Saturday EVENT!

I've been getting a lot of emails and calls lately from interns and trainees looking for work. Many of them feel frustrated with the lack of paid positions. Even if they have a paid position, they feel scared of getting laid off, or locked in to a position that may not be meeting their professional development goals. 

I'm on the board of our local professional organization at and am honored to be the board mentor for a new 3000 club in our area. We had our first meeting with our little committee of pre-licensed folks who were on board to organize our first event. 

In the first 20 minutes of our meeting, as we talked about the state of the pre-licensed experience- this theme come up almost immediately. In fact, we had all had the same feeling that many interns and trainees are feeling hopeless, and sometimes even apathetic. 

As just did as I always do, chatted/reframed, etc. Their eyes lit up... "I never thought of that..." "I can do that?" "What a great idea!" The thing was, they knew all the problems- everybody is talking about the PROBLEM- but nobody is talking about the SOLUTIONS- or the GIFTS in this kind of an economy! 

I want to share a few ideas from the meeting, but I also want to reiterate- the job market is TOUGH... in fact, it really sucks! HOWEVER, it isn't hopeless! And there are a few gifts of this funky job market: 


  1. Thinning of the herd... I know this sounds horrible, but for every colleague that "gives up" right now, or decides to go in a different direction- gives the person who "stays the course" more opportunities. 
  2. A re-think is emmerging... I used to hear the goal for many people was the ultimate "county job." And yet, once people got it, they were often miserable and described it as "golden handcuffs." People are now opening up their mind to building businesses and positions that truly inspire them for the long term- instead of relying on jobs to land in their lap. 
  3. Connection & Community is re-emerging... It's hard for me to see it on certain days... but the pre-licensed and licensed people who are successful- they want to create a community, a movement, support networks, consultation groups and be INSPIRED in their work! (The only problem is getting connected with these people and escaping the negative grasp of the apathetic, hopeless people!) 


Are you ready to give up? It's ok... maybe there is something better out there for you? But, for those of you who are truly inspired by this kind of work and ready to create a brilliant future and healing business- stay the course- you can be successful! 

I have a couple of upcoming events that are super cheap for interns! 

Saturday (tomorrow) in Fresno, CA I will be presenting on Private Practice with a focus on websites. It is super cheap for pre-licensed folks and I promise you will learn SO much that you can use right now- and that will be fabulous when you start your private practice. If we have pre-licensed there- I'll even share how you can ethically start a website today that could get you a job!

November 19th in Modesto, CA, we will be having our first local 3000 club event. I know many of you aren't from Modesto- but if you are within a few hours drive- I'd love to meet you! It is a FREE event and I'll be doing a mini-talk and there will be lots of time for connecting and inspiration! Learn ore about our 3000 club here:

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