I'll tell you a cool secret if you promise too...

Flash Cool Stuff! I haven't gotten a chance to evaluate it yet, but the fabulous Berkeley Training Associates (they really are great) has an Iphone App for studying! They have a free LITE version and a full version... at the moment the full version is just .99 for the full 200 original questions! That is NOT right and will go up VERY soon! 

I am telling all of my "friends" on MFTGuide, but I have to ask you a VERY big favor! PLEASE make sure you go in and post a review to BTA to let them know how much you love this program, how they could make it better, etc.- especially if you snag this at the .99 price! 

Studying for exams should be fun and done in a relaxation environment whenever possible. I love that you can take the studying process easily to the park or the beach. I also love that BTA has such a nice vibe and rationales. They were started by LCSWs and have two separate programs, one Iphone study app for MFTs and one Iphone study app for LCSWs. 

They do specialize in California exams. I will be posting a few review after I have a chance to go through the questions ;0) I just wanted to give you guys a "sneak peak" this fabulous Saturday morning! 

Just search MFT exam or LCSW exam and choose the BTA Exam for MFT or LCSW (or get both for that price)! Maybe we can get this into the Top 10 Downloads for a day! 

Download the MFT App here: 
Download the LCSW App here: 

This price will be changing soon! So if you miss it, you miss it! Happy Studying!