Prelicensed in Private Practice

There are a lot of things to consider if you are going to go into private practice as a pre-licensed clinician.You may first think about things such as fee splits, entity formation, and which supervisor to choose. That's totally normal (and all important stuff) but here are some things that any pre-licensed clinician can do BEFORE they start their private practice. 

If you are considering going into private practice here are some top tips to get started.

  1. Deal with your headtrash. "Wait" is something you hear often in our training. Wait til you are licensed, wait til you have this or that certificate. What isn't explored is what "wait" holds underneath. Wait tends to equate = you can't, you aren't enough. It's one of the reasons MFTGuide exists. Over 7,000 members in our facebook group collective prove that pre-licensed, associate licensed clinicians do have something to offer. All have a variety of skills and training plus the advantage of emerging at this time in our society. The next generation is entering a time where it is easier than ever to be seen and to have a voice. You will always be growing. You will always be learning. That is what good therapists do. But the growth trajectory you face does not mean where you start is meaningless. You have training, skills and knowledge that will benefit many of the clients who work with you in this very moment. 
  2. Start looking at your relationships. Look at your friends, mentors, teachers, and any professional who you work with in some capacity. These people can be your allies and biggest supporters when you start your own practice. Build quality relationships. Make an effort to stay in touch because people who know you best are the best referral resources. Plus it feels good to know good people and to be able to give back to them as well.
  3. Write or record. Start getting your ideas out there on paper or on video. Now is the time you can start formulating your views and how you help others. When you know yourself you will have more confidence and clarity when you launch your practice. Time and time again because therapists have been told to wait (see #1). Idea formulation, your ideas and perspective is what will attract your ideal client to your practice.
  4. Get some business skills under your belt from people you trust. You can shout out into the internet for advice and you will get lots of it. Find the systems that are tried and true, replicable and have worked for many people. You might find help from a business coach, something like our bootcamp or from a sucessful mentor. Starting out your business with a solid foundation can make a world of difference in the trajectory of your private practice. Even if you aren't going to start a private practice now, skills you learn now will have time to grow and mature for when you are ready.

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