Stop waiting for licensure: You can be successful right NOW!

Did you know you be successful as a professional right now? Did you know that your career is happening right now? Not after you finish your hours, not after you pass your first test, now after you get licensed, not after you start a private practice, not after you have a full case load. 

Your career, and your profession is happening. Right now. As. We. Speak. Do you feel helpless? Powerless? You shouldn't! You are either on your path to getting a graduate degree or already have one. You have already made the huge decision to make helping others your passion and mission. 

What would you do today if you saw yourself as a professional? If you didn't see your current state as purgatory, but as an opportunity for being amazingly successful? Here are some things I would recommend: 

  • Sit down and develop a clear 1, 5, 10 year business plan
  • Write down the areas that you want to develop in your clinical practice and take them into supervision
  • Actively seek out trainings online and offline
  • Volunteer to be on the board of your local professional organization
  • Start developing professional relationships with local businesses
  • Start developing the website and blog for your future business so Google starts to get to know you now
  • Stop isolating- start building strong relationships that are mutually beneficial for you and your colleague or mentor
  • Learn how to talk to other professionals in a way that builds long-standing relationships
  • Make financial goals and a plan to get there
  • Learn about running a business 
  • Develop confidence in setting clinical and business boundaries with clients
  • Check out this list of 50 tips I developed several years ago- it is like 4 pages long or I'd type it all up here ;0) 

What would happen if you thought of yourself as a professional today? I want you to message me at and tell me what you would do- and I will add it to the list! 

If you want step-by-step support in doing much of the above, desire accountability, structure, and click-by-click videos for getting things done- sign-up to be interviewed for the Business School Bootcamp. Learn more about the Business School Bootcamp here. I'm not big on selling stuff on this site, but having talked to several interns this week who felt like our program was exactly what they needed- I'd hate not to tell you about it!