The long path to licensure, Hours, Exams, Private Practice, and FREE Webinar

This year for my thirty-ahemth birthday I started doing mud-runs. A friend convinced me it made complete sense for me to complete a 14 mile mud run with 25+ obstacles as my first ever race... I had never even done a 5k... And, of course, I completed it in the middle of a storm, hail, and 15-25 MPH winds...

I learned a lot from that experience. Mostly what I learned is that I already had what it took to do that. And, if you are going through the process of getting licensed- by the end- you will have what it takes to.

It is all about continuing the movement forward, and NEVER stopping. Notice your progress, look slightly ahead- at what is just in front of you and just KEEP MOVING!

I know there are a lot of steps, a lot of obstacles, a lot of pain between deciding to become a therapist, and actually completing your goal. But, you know what- you CAN do it!

So today, we are going to talk about having the right "gear" and a bit of the right preparation. Thankfully the gals over at Spartan Chicked on Facebook got me as prepped as I could be for my race.

1. If you live in California, but you aren't using www.trackyourhours.comto track your hours and manage your paperwork- seriously do it now. It is one way you keep moving forward. With some of the delays at the BBS- it is even more important to get your hours submitted immediately after finishing them. Start getting original signatures on experience verification forms asap. This link: gets you 3 months free! 

2. Join us on Facebook or LinkedIn for some moral support about the intern experience or getting licensed. or

3. Check out the upcoming new FREE webinar all about pre-licensed private practice in California. We have an organization looking to hire about 70 interns from across California that will also be doing Q & A at the end of the webinar.

Now, I have completed two of those crazy LONG runs, and 2 others- in fact I did 3 of them in about 6 weeks. You are much stronger than you know! Go out there and finish the race guys!

Miranda Palmer, LMFT /