MFT Study Materials & Counting Hours

So exciting seeing pre-licensed therapists passing the standard written exam and the clinical vignette exam for becoming licensed as a MFT!

The old school Yahoo Group I have been hosting for several years had gotten consistently attacked by spammers, and it was difficult to keep up to date. The new Facebook group is allowing for hosting the group without headaches for me! Woohoo!

And more importantly, it is letting pre-licensed folks get together to talk about study materials, testing strategies, anxiety management, and how to become a successful professional!

People are sharing their feedback on Gerry Grossman, AATBS, Amanda Rowan, and other test prep materials so people can choose the right study materials for them! If you would like to join us, we would love to have you! Pop on over here: And click on "Join Group" in the top-right hand corner.

Not ready to study for exams yet? Still counting hours? Be sure to go and grab It is invaluable to accurately be able to track your hours so you can submit it as soon as you are done. The application waiting period has been VERY long. It also allows you to catch issues early- like not getting enough supervision, or not being aware of maximums in certain groups and categories. (Oh and it works for California MFT and California LCSW Licensure Tracks)