Your MFT Resume

I went to the 2013 CAMFT conference in Sacramento, CA last week and met SO many amazing pre-licensed (and licensed) therapists.

And guess what? I met pre-licensed person after pre-licensed person who were getting paid positions, had multiple options for practicums, and were feeling excited and inspired about their career choice.

Wow! It was this strange little world where the success I see with my clients and so many interns and trainees seemed to be ultra-concentrated!

I really focused on trying to recruit some awesome, real, and recent stories to inspire you. (By the way- do you have a story to tell? E-mail

Here are a few things that I noticed:

- The most successful people had a prior career (and came in to the field with resume, networking, and interviewing experience). - These successful MFT Interns and MFT Trainess (and a few LPC Interns) were committed to training and networking (that is where I met them after all!) - The attitude and energy that they had was inspiring and contagious.

So- what are you doing? Are you getting that MFT resume flowing with training and networking events? Are you learning to talk to colleagues and professionals and put yourself out there?