Isn't Clarity Great?

I think it is amazing how sometimes just putting your intention out into the world can create a sense of energy and clarity. I wish I could say that I was coming here with a very clear vision of what is happening, I don't have that yet. But, I do have hope that there are some ways that I might be able to make some shifts that would allow this to continue to be a vibrant resource for pre-licensed people. Here is what I have so far:

#1. I am accepting pitches from possible guest bloggers. These wouldn't be articles just from Licensed experts, these would also be articles from pre-licensed people sharing their triumphs and struggles. People could post anonymously or get a byline. I will still be VERY selective about what gets published. I really envision that MFTGuide will always be an overall inspiring place. Some place where even the ugliest situation provided an opportunity for growth, movement, and joy. You can submit your articles to Note: These should not be blatant commercial pitches ;0)

#2. I am doing an experiment with Facebook Groups. The free online study group that I have been hosting since 2005 is on a VERY outdated platform. That makes keeping up with it a time suck and a pain in the bum! So, if you want to come and chat, study, play, share information, etc. Come and join us here: This should severely limit the issues of spam and reduce the time it takes to get new messages posted, read, etc.

#3. My fabulous business partner from has agreed to come along side me in moderating the Facebook group, as well as the LinkedIn group (this one has a ton of requests to join daily). If you want to join us on LinkedIn- you can click here:

What do you think? Let me know! I know it isn't the whole picture, or a perfect solution-but I'm trying!


Miranda Palmer, LMFT The MFTGuide