New Exam Coach in Town!

People looking to get licensed as a LMFT or LCSW have had just a few options when it comes to exam preparation materials. Gerry Grossman and AATBS have been the front runners for the California licensing exams for a LONG time. 

When I started coaching people on the road to licensure, I never felt like 1:1 tutoring on content was my specialty or vision. I was always the mindset person, helping people connect with who they were, get their confidence up, and make a plan of attack for their studying process. 

The truth was, I saw more benefit in most study programs as a tool for learning to manage anxiety and find "holes" in knowledge- not truly as preparation for the exam. Most of what we need to know is learned through a gradual process (If you have good supervision). 

BTA had started as a LCSW preparation company (much like Grossman had started working with MFTs) and has moved into MFT work. While I couldn't even get someone on the phone at Grossman or AATBS to talk with them, connect, and hear their vision- Shosanna and some other people at BTA were much more inviting. I LOVE to hear people's hearts and passions.... 

So who is the new player in town? 

Well- any of you on the free online study group for MFT and LCSW licensing exams has heard- it is Amanda Rowan of the Therapist Development Center. I felt really honored to talk with her and hear how much PASSION she has for tutoring work. She gets just as riled up as I do about things that aren't right (which I LOVE). I still believe that each person needs to go through their own process to determine what is the right "fit" for them- but Amanda is a MAJOR contender. In fact, she is currently my top recommendation to check out, that and BTAs awesome Iphone APP. 

Go check out her exam preparation services and post your thoughts on her services below. And yes, I still believe you have to find out what style works best for YOU! 

I will continue to do my coaching on mindset, private practice preparation, private practice internships, and website building for therapists. I hope y'all have a great day!