How'd You like to see me speak for free AND get more hours?

Many of you who have been following this for awhile know that I am a BIG proponent of getting as much training as you can as a pre-licensed person. It just makes sense in most cases to max out those workshops, make connections with possible future employers/colleagues, and allow yourself to feel really connected to your profession.

So, here is a fun opportunity to come and here my speak- for very little money (and maybe a little drive). I wish I could say I was getting to speak on exams, supervision, or intern topics... But, let's face it- many places aren't banging down my door to put on great trainings for interns LOL.

However, I am very excited to announce, as part of my project, I've been asked to speak in Fresno, CA about websites and marketing a private practice. And, this is one time it PAYS to be an intern or a student!

If you feel like driving to Fresno, CA (like I will be doing), you can see me for FREE if you are a student, or for $10 if you are an intern who isn't a member of the Fresno chapter of CAMFT. This is one of the few times it pays to be pre-licensed.

Your licensed counterparts will pay $69 for the same four-hour training. So without further ado, here are the details:

Do you know you need a website? Are you stuck in fear or frustrated with an ineffective website? If you answered "yes" to either question, then this workshop is for you!

Miranda Palmer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Technology Coach from will be here to give us the straight talk about having a website for your therapy practice. She will review the purpose and practice of an ethical website, the pros and cons of the options out there, AND discuss the most important aspect of having an ethical and effective website! She will leave some time at the end for Q & A.

Miranda has a thriving cash-pay private practice that is full and receives an average of 5-15 calls per week from people ready to schedule--most of which she is forced to refer out due to her practice being full. Feel free to check out the site to get connected with her free newsletter.

Click here for directions to event.

And yes, if we get some pre-licensed folks in the room, I'll talk about how/why you should start your website NOW before you are licensed! Hope to see y'all there! And by the way, if you would like to see me speak in your neck of the woods- be sure