LPCC what? For Californians

The LPCC applications for grandfathering will be out soon (July 5, 2011). You might be wondering- what is the point? Do I want to get licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in California if I am already Licesned as a Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker? The answer is: Maybe! 

Here are some quicks pros and cons- starting with the drawbacks: 

  • more paperwork
  • more testing
  • more annual money at renewal time
  • more regulations to know
  • more headache
  • more questions
  • more stress

Possible benefits: 

  • using the term counselor
  • if you are not grandfathered in- it might be easier to transfer to other states- but, the grandfathering May or May not help you get a LPC easier in another state. (Oregon for example specifically states that grandfathered LPCs do not have an easier time ;0) 
  • dual licensure
  • perception of excellence

Here is why I will become dual licensed: I didn't really want to become a family or marriage therapist! I really only wanted to counsel individuals. In fact, my training was focused on individual therapy and didn't have a strong systems theory approach like AAMFT approved programs do. Now, along the way, I have LOVED doing couple's work- still not a family therapist... to claustrophobic ;0) 

I don't particular like the term Marriage and Family Therapist because it is confusing to potential clients- they don't know what that means, who it includes, etc. In fact, most people search for counseling or counselor- not therapist. And, if you do search for therapist you will likely find more physical therapy than MFTs! I refer to myself as a counselor much of the time for that reason- so this makes perfect sense. I am excited about the possiblity of having some refresher time if they make me do a gap exam- Might as well embrace it! 

So, there is my decision! What is yours? What are your questions about the LPCC? Keeping in mind we don't have all the answers yet ;0)