Identifying Your Strengths as a Prelicensed Person

As a pre-licensed individual, sometimes we can start to feel as if you don't have a lot to offer. Especially in this funky economic time where paid positions are sparse and supervisors are sometimes overworked and underperforming. 

Today's blog posting helps you explore your strengths as a person, an intern, and as a professional. I want to share with you some questions that might help you to mine yourself for your strengths: 

1. What brought you into this field in the first place? I doubt it was about the money ;0) Think about to what inspired you- and where you imagined your degree would take you.

2. What inspired you while you were in school? Where did you feel "at home" as you talked about certain clinical populations, theories, or mindsets? 

3. What skills did you bring with you from previous careers? You would be suprised at how some of this experience can be a huge asset to your process. 

4. What experiences do you bring personally that, if healed and used properly, have developed particular strengths or aspects of your character? 

5. Where do your "business" strengths lie? Do you love writing, editing, numbers, chatting with people at an event, taking photographs, Facebook, graphic design, interior design, I could go on. These are just a few of the skills that might be useful to you, your business, or your employer along the path to becoming a successful MFT. 

Take some time and explore this. REALLY explore this. Write it down. Reflect, ponder, and validate the strengths that you have. If you don't honor and identify them- who will? And if you don't realize they are there- can really make the most use of them in interviews, clinical, or business situations? 

Hope this finds you well. 


p.s. if you want some straight talk about Facebook, Blogs, Websites, and more- check out I promise it won't be tech talk! It is down to earth for real people!