Budgets and Scheduling Fun!

So, I received this message a few days ago from the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California: 
"Pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order S-12-10, beginning in August
2010, the Board office will be closed the second, third and fourth Friday of
each month until further notice.

Exam candidates may continue to schedule their examinations during this time.
However, if the exam is scheduled on a date that the Board office is closed,
please note that Board staff will be unavailable to assist candidates on the
closure dates."
I wanted to send out a quick note with two important reminders: 
1. You can subscribe to California's board updates via teh following website. It can help you to keep up to date with all of the changes coming across the board. https://www.dca.ca.gov/webapps/bbs/subscribe.php
2. Be aware of the closure dates for exam scheduling, as well as making phone calls. Getting through to the BBS and getting return calls is getting more difficult all of the time. 
Problems do sometimes happen when taking licensing tests. These problems are more likely at the start of a new testing cycle-July 1st and January 1st for MFTs. If you need to schedule your exam close to the start of a new exam, I would especially encourage not scheduling on a Friday. 
Either way, Thursday may be the day for piece of mind! Happy Day!