Loan Repayment Options

Alright ladies and gentleman, just received an e-mail from a fabulous person sharing the wealth of knowledge. Many of you MFTs have heard rumors of

Student Loan Reimbursement Programs. 

Here are links to three separate options:


Here are some things you need to know about loan repayment programs: 

  1. There are usually specific requirements regarding the kind of work that you do. 
  2. Working for nonprofits is often part of the eligibility process. 
  3. Sometimes even the area of the state or country that you work in can impact your eligibility. 

The other important thing to remember about loan repayment programs is that if you are not eligible, it doesn't mean that your student

loans will hold you back! My student loan payment is a VERY small percentage of the monthly income that I currently take in, and a pittance compared to what I could choose to make if I wanted to work 40 hours a week! 

You student loan payments are a reminder not of the money you owe, but of the investment you chose to make in yourself! Keep the focus on the long game- becoming a successful MFT! 

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