Free Online Study Group for Licensing Exams!

Studying for licensing exams can feel like a very lonely and frustrating process. As this is such an individual process, you may not sit for exams at the same time as your classmates or colleagues. Finding support is so integral to this process for many people. 

Here are some things to remember when looking for support: 

  • It's ok that your family doesn't get what you are going through- this is not their path and they won't ever truly "get it" (unless they happen to be a MFT). 
  • People can support you in many different ways. Some people will provide you with a model of what you want to be like, while others will remind you of what not to do! 
  • Be sure you have anxiety management skills in place. When you talk about things and hear other's stories, comments, and questions you will be opening yourself up to wonderful feedback, and anxiety provoking feedback. 
  • If you are easily swayed by other's anxiety, group training is probably not the venue for your study process. 
  • Remember and uncover what study strategies work for you. Be sure you are putting your time and effort into relationships and modalities that work for you!

I invite you now to sign up for my free online study group for licensing exams for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCs that covers the Board of Behavioral Sciences Written Exam, Written Clinical Vignette Exam, and National Exam. You will get to connect with peers at all stages of the process who want to support one another in the licensure process.  Click here to join.

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