Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice

Prelicensed professionals often come into the profession with a little bit of a blank slate. Established therapists can sometimes get very "stuck" when it comes to change or shifts. 

This divide is showing up more frequently in discussions of social media. This shift and change in the ways that businesses are marketing has got many a therapist feeling confused and a little anxious. 

Discussions are popping up all over the place, so I wanted to provide a space for you to do a little research on your own about how you might integrate social media into your marketing efforts. I will provide a couple of referrals on both sides of the fence. 

Susan G. (my personal business coach) has a wonderful Q & A that she just released (that inspired this post). You can listen the audio here (and yes the link works on your Iphone). Susan has a special package coming out Monday focused on private practice marketing. Sign up for her videos to get more information. 

Another wonderful therapist Keely K. that falls a bit farther on the conservative side has some wonderful resources that she has opened up for sharing here. She has also done a Salon through an association in San Francisco. You can join the association as a distance person and they will mail you out the DVD! How cool is that? 

If you are wondering just how many options there are for marketing that might cross over into social networking, check out Wikipedia's evergrowing list here. I also love the following picture which gives you an idea of how widespread social networking is: 


One last fun blog to check out regarding the online world and ethics here. 

Hope this helps you as you research ways to grow your practice. I hope you will consider joining my newsletter on the left side of the screen, or following me on twitter so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest articles!