Getting Great Training

One of the best ways to build a prelicensed private practice is to become a great therapist. Now, research from Miller & Tuggle over at The Talking Cure tells us that good therapy isn't about years of experience, or amount of training received. However, my experience with prelicensed professionals is that much of the training received early on, helps to build confidence and gives MFT Interns some great information that allows them to connect and empathize with clients. In addition, confidence is HUGE when starting out in your private practice internship. A lack of confidence can get in the way of you being able to connect with your client and conveying an ability to help them heal. 

Nowadays, there are many options for receiving trainings. In person trainings are wonderful. You can connect face to face with people in your community and build important relationships. Unfortunately, we don't always have the time or money for trainings in person. Internet based trainings are quick becoming a wonderful alternative. And, as we find that phone and internet based therapy are showing up as equally effective to in person work, we may start to find that distance based trainings are equally effective as well ;0)

The other thing I really love about distance based training is that built into the process is the ability to listen later. There have been great in person trainings that I wish I could go back to. Sometimes, our notes are not enough! Being able to listen on my computer, Ipod, or Iphone is quite a powerful little perk.  

Casey Truffo has been putting on a great web based conference annually that you should check out. If you sign up using the link below, I will get a little "kickback," but you know I don't recommend anything I don't believe in! She has a new class starting Monday 5/17/10