A New Take on Resume/CV Design

Landing that dream job in a "lean" economy can be tough! At this point, whatever you can (legally) do to stand out from the crowd is awesome! Do you have a little bit of design skill? I am going to share a fresh new idea with you!

First, let me remind you how important content is! An impressive format or design only works well if you have good content. Do you think you can't have good work experience as a prelicensed person? You are wrong! Here are a few quick content tips before we move onto design:

  • Have a clinician look over your resume! A teacher, friend, or loved one will not be able give you good feedback on whether your content actually showcases valuable clinical skills.
  • Have a GREAT clinician look over your resume. If I don't say this, you will just pick whoever you can. Pick someone who has been successful and who will give you honest, detailed feedback.
  • Spellcheck and read over carefully.
  • Think twice before putting a private home address on your resume.
  • Highlight clinical skills or traits used in nonclinical jobs.
  • Be sure to identify specific accomplishments.

Ok- so now that you have some great content. Let's move onto design! What is your first thought when you see this resume?

It really is a cool concept! You can learn more about his strategy and even download a template here.