MFTGuide Members Program

Are you looking to give yourself (or someone else) an awesome gift? Are you tired of feeling like you a day late, a dollar short, and confused about this entire process?

Whether you are looking to get your first job, get a private practice internship, or you are ready to pass those exams- I can help! Here are some ways that I work with people:

On a one time basis. We can meet over the telephone, via video conferncing, in person, or via chat technology if you are hard of hearing or deaf. I can also either show you my computer screen, or take over your computer screen. This allows me to provide a "hands-on" approach, even when I am across the country! Things I help people with:

  • Developing a website from scratch-a website that you will feel comfortable with going in and playing with anytime! 
  • Conceptualizing and putting into practice a business model that will not only provide for you financially, but it can give you the lifestyle that you desire. 
  • Navigating the nuts and bolts of gathering hours, overcoming political pitfalls, and passing exams!

We have options! 

Individual Membership: 

For $100 a month, we will schedule a 1-hour coaching session every month on the topic of your choice. Not sure what you even need? I will help you identify the issues that are most essential to your development and progress towards your individual career plan! Want a second session in a month? You will get the members only discount of $90 for your first, and second additional session, $80, for a third additional sessions, and $70 for every session thereafter within the same month! In addition, you will get free access to digital download that are applicable to your needs. 

What is the catch? No, catch- you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply click on subscribe below to get started. I have even included 7 days free, so you can contact me to get your first coaching call scheduled!