Free Coaching for MFT Students, Interns, Trainees, MSW Students, and ACSWs!

What? Did you say free coaching? Yes, I sure did! Of course, there is a catch- isn't there always? I am looking for people who want coaching on specific topics such as:

  • How to get the most out of clinical supervision. 
  • Gettting those hours done! Tips and tracks for maximizing hours collection.
  • MFT Written Exam: What study materials should I buy?
  • Licensing Exams: What can I do now to prepare for exams? (2500 hours or less)
  • MFT Written Clinical Vignette Exam: What do I need to know about this test and study materials?
  • Landing a Private Practice Internship
  • Writing a Curriculum Vitae
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Or, a general topic of your choice.

Here is how it would work:

  • You choose a topic and tell me why you want to have coaching on this topic.
  • I will send you a list of questions that most people have on this topic. We will cover those questions AND any additional questions you would like to add as we go along.
  • The coaching call will be recorded and will be used in trainings, or made available for sale.
  • You may use a pseudonym, or you can use your real name.
  • You, of course, will get the recording for free for your own personal, private use (no commercial use).

Sound like just what you need? Post a comment below or e-mail me at