I failed my exam! Now what?

Are you stuck in the exam process?

Have you failed an exam by 1 (or more) points 1 (or more) times?

Are you looking for the perfect study package- but terrified that nothing will work for you?

Or have you already "tried it all" and are starting to think there is something wrong with you? 

Do not lose hope! Failing the exam is a difficult process- I know- I failed my exam. Getting ready for the exam a second time isn't always about more hours logged studying, or a different study program- it is about figuring out what YOU need! 

What you need right now is someone to help you assess what you need to PASS THE TEST!  Schedule an initial 1 hour assessment session to start the exploration process. In 1-2 hours we can usually diagnose the problem and develop a plan to be successful! 

E-mail miranda@mftguide.com to ask your questions and schedule your first hour. You can also pay for your session below at the rate of $115/hour.