Personalizing the Study Process

If you have ever heard me speak about the study process, you know that I am a HUGE proponent of personalizing the study process! I wanted to share just how fun- and creative you can get when studying!

I heard about Mary's YouTube videos from a free online study group member, and contacted her to see if we could share her resources here! Here is Mary's response: 

"Thanks for picking my "study guide songs"! I had to study last summer for the National MFT Exam and so I put my study guide to music. I learn best by talking things out and I knew that I could listen and sing along in the car (or where ever) by connecting to YouTube via my smart phone.

I moved to NY from VA where I was licensed (LPC since 2005 and LMFT since 2007), but NY didn't accept my VA licenses since it was a different exam I took in VA.

I hope that others will be able to study as they sing and learn the lyrics! 

I did pass the MFT exam on my 1st try! I understand CA's exam is different and appears somewhat harder than the 2 national exams I've taken. Again, I hope that these videos help others!

Blessings! Mary Reeves, LMFT" 

This note from Mary exemplifies several important aspects of the personalizing process: 

  1. Do what works for you- no matter how silly it may seem. 
  2. Have fun with the study process.
  3. Be aware of how you learn and integrate it into your daily routine.  
  4. Share your success with others! 

 Here is just one of Mary's videos. 

How much fun is that? Mary has been kind enough to allow us access to her lyric sheets as well. Make sure to review and revise based on your needs. You can access all of the videos at and the lyric sheets for all of her videos here

She did mention one of the lyric sheets needs to be revised/corrected. I haven't had time to go through them all- so please feel free to correct the sheets for your fellow test takers! Interested in finding other theory based videos on YouTube? Click here for a ton of great videos. 

I hope you will be inspired today in your own process, whether it is gathering hours, studying for exams, or building your practice to access those things about yourself that are original and unique and integrate them into your process! 

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