Psychology Today 3 months free!

Here are the details, straight from Psychology Today! "We are running a Refer-a-Therapist offer. For every new therapist that you refer to the Therapy Directory by using the link below, you will get a free month membership after they have completed a successful payment with us. The person you refer will receive 3 months free. To refer someone, please forward the following link. In order to receive the benefits of this offer, signees MUST use this link to sign up.:

Now, a few little details about this deaI:

1. It isn't super clear that you are getting 3 months free- but this does work! However, it really does freak people out that it isn't very obvious.

2. Keep track of your referrals through this site- make sure you are putting out great "copy" for potential clients and you post a picture-otherwise what is the point!

3. If it isn't bringing you clients- cancel it! Do not feel any obligation to pay for something that doesn't work! However- do make sure you have good writing (copy) on your site!