MFTGuide to the Written Exam: Where Do I Start?

My first attempt at putting together a recording! The sound is terrible-but the information is fabulous! If you have a great pair of speakers- this is the download for you! You get 1 hour of some of my best advice at bargain basement prices- only $10! Once I put together a new fabulous audio, the price will go up ;0) So- brass tax- what is included in this recording?

Are you getting ready to submit your hours to the BBS? Did you just submit your hours? Are you starting to think about licensing exams? And do you have a million questions? 
  1. What study materials should I buy for the BBS Written Exam?
  2. Are study materials worth my time and money?
  3. How do I know which materials to buy?
  4. How long will I need to study?
  5. How many hours a day should I study?
  6. and on and on... 

You are not alone! People only get through licensing exams successfully one time! If you have a colleague that passed it, you might try to emulate what they did, only to find it is not the right fit for you. Or worse, you start to second guess whether you are as smart as your colleague, and whether you can be successful, even if you do everything that they did! 

Do not second guess yourself! You can do this. At the same time, what worked for your colleague may not be the right fit for you. Why? Because you are two different people! Your process for studying for exams will be different from someone else's and that is ok! But if you can't just copy what someone else did to be successful, what do you do? Well one option is individual consultation, where I can guide you through this process. Who wants to wait a few days or hours for that?

You want answers NOW! That is why you are reading this! You want to get the answers to your questions, make some decisions, and feel some relief from this anxiety you are feeling. You want to feel the confidence that comes from knowing you are on the right path to passing the exams on the first try! 

Now you can download a "digital coaching" session where I talk you through:

  1. Determining your learning style.
  2. The Must-Haves for passing the written exam.
  3. Evaluating study options based on your learning style.
  4. Developing your personalized anxiety management plan.
  5. Processing the number of hours, days, weeks that you should study.
  6. How you will know you are ready to schedule the exam?
  7. What to know before scheduling the exam.
  8. How to prepare for the day of the exam.
  9. What to do the day of the exam.
While I know that this is no substitute for an individualized consultation, I think this will answer SO many of your questions, and help you save money by focusing on just the study materials that you will actually use! You will also avoid a great deal of stress by not fighting against your individual learning style by trying to take on a one size fits all approach. 


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