Advanced Curriculum Vitae Tips

Now that you have a bit of background about a CV from reading my previous article- let's get down to the nitty gritty! Here are ten tips to developing your CV to help you land that great job or private practice internship: 

1. Be thorough. Don't leave ANYTHING out at this stage. Even if  you think it doesn't apply- include it. It is always easier to edit down. I find that when I do professional reviews for pre-licensed folks- they often shortchange themselves. 

2. Include volunteer work. Yes, I know this goes back to that be thorough issue! Did you do job shadowing, intern for free, volunteer at a local human services agency? Include it! Share how it further developed your people skills, networking skills, or marketing. 

3. Speaking of marketing... Have you done in marketing or networking in previous careers or jobs? Be sure to include that in your CV. The kind of marketing knowledge that many pre-licensed people come into the field with is invaluable to the seasoned professinals. 

4. Did you say marketing? Have you setup twittering, web-pages, online study groups, or other web-based resources? Be sure to note your web-based accomplishments- they count! 

5. Include great references. What is a great reference? Someone who knows they will be contacted, is easy to get a hold of, and will share a great appraisal of your work. I especially like it when someone can identify not only what is great about your work- but can give a little bit of information on areas you are growing in. 

6. But wait- I don't know anyone! Get out there- join your local professional groups and look for networking opportunities. Become a member, and put that on your CV as well! 

7. Go through your old calendar. Yes, I know it is tedious, but go through your calendar and look for trainings that you have attended 1-40 hours and include them. CPR Trainings, in-services, specialized speakers that you have seen while in school. Include ALL of your trainings. 

8. Include every speaking engagement you have had. Have you been called back to speak to students at your alma mater- list it! Have you come back and given a 20 minute talk to your coworkers- include it! Have you developed a specific presentation for your supervision group? Put that in too. As a student did you develop any trainings or presentations that you presented to your classmates? If you could give the talk again- include it! 

9. Include everything-but be careful. Have you been using twitter for professional and person tweets- under the same account? Take a gander and ensure there are no "F-bombs" or discussions of inappropriate material out there. 

10. While you are at it- do a quick Google of yourself and see what comes up. Clean up any messes like personal Facebook pages that can be viewed by the public, and take some ownership by transferring your new CV information to and LinkedIn for free! 

Hope that helps! Need a professional CV review? Check in with someone you trust- like a mentor. Have you signed up for your 50 tips yet and you free podcasts? Make sure you are on the list!