Start Your CV Today!

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a powerful tool for the aspiring financially successful therapist. Most therapists have an income stream coming from several different avenues, which allows for diversity in the week and helps professionals avoid burnout (done responsibly). Income can come from teaching, consulting, workshops, presentations, supervision, and other avenues.

However, before you get that great teaching, consulting, or supervision gig, the first question is usually "Can you send me over your CV?" The answer is usually yes, with an inaudible wave of panic. What follows is an internet search or a flurry of phone calls to figure out what a CV is (an expanded resume), how to get one in under an hour (difficult), and than trying to remember everything you have done since birth (almost impossible).

A CV gives you the opportunity to list not only your professional experience but awards, volunteer experiences, workshops provided, trainings attended, etc. At the beginning of your career, you probably found that filling the "page" for your first resume was difficult. At a certain point it becomes almost impossible to put everything on to that single page. As you go forward, it gets more difficult to put everything into a single page. A CV does not ask you to leave out anything! In addition, it gives you a great place to "store" everything you are doing, so you can pull out information as needed for specific resumes.

Want to avoid that future panic, become more purposeful about the experience you gain, and focus your current work on your future goals? Start your CV today!